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Welcome to my portfolio

My name is Bart Veenhof, an interactive media professional. This website is a visualisation of my imagination. I created this world of my own do display my skills, work and interests.

Why do i use so many pictures of myself and my wife in my portfolio? I often hear that question and the answer is simple: i think a portfolio should be personal, a reflection of the person who created it. I want visitors to get an idea of who i am and thus i have created it in such a way.

Latest work


    • Watching Gotham and my wife asks: "Who's don Macaroni? Is he friends with don spaghetti?". Show's officially ruined for me :/ 09:40 PM Jan 16th
    • Swapped Flickr with Picasa, which works so much better. Now i need to add 'n organize my photo's, a sh!tload of pretty good pictures! 07:34 PM Mar 07th
    • First version of my portfolio is online. It's been a while since i had a personal website. Still far from done though... 02:37 PM Feb 11th
    • Finishing up the first version of my portfolio! http://t.co/MOW2uFV2YW will hopefully be up and running soon. 10:29 AM Feb 05th

    I am

    About me

    Name Bart Veenhof

    Date of birth 07-01-1986

    Preferred role Design, interaction design, front-end developing

    Interests Traveling, motorbikes, photography, design

    Languages Dutch, English






    Other skills








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    Michael Ryan

    Client Micheal Ryan - Fine artist & painter
    My role Design, front-end (xhtml & CSS)

    Short description

    Michael Ryan is a painter who wanted a site to display his art. The website should be as minimum as possible and let the art "pop out". Initially these type of websites look very easy, but because it�s so simpel all the details have to be spot on.

    Michael had a very strong vision on how he wanted his website and I'm happy i was able to create the website he wanted it to be.

    GameGoggles AR

    Client Schoolproject
    My role Design, movie editing + filming, flash

    Short description

    For this project i made a website to present Silent Hill on GameGoggles, a pair of augmented reality goggles that projects the game over the real world.

    The style was inspired by many horror games and movies and i think the result is very nice. I also made an attempt to create an interactive movie. Time was very short though (read, i started on the night before the deadline), so the movie was never completely finished. I do love the idea of an interactive movie, so i might try again another time.

    Kunstgeschiedenis / history of art

    Client Schoolproject
    My role Design, flash

    Short description

    For the subject History of art we had to create a virtual museum and fill it well... art. You had to find art in four different categories: fear, disgust, aesthetics and fascination and add an over-the-top description with it to explain why you put in that category.

    I tried to create a classic look & feel for my museum and I think that worked out pretty well.


    Client Broissois- The shoe company
    My role Interaction Design

    Short description

    The design was already made and approved. My task was to finish the design and design the shopping process.

    I researched the way people look for shoes and designed the content / shopping pages based on my findings. This lead to an easy to use webshop, where users can find shoes that meet their desires.

    Portfolio V1

    Client Personal / school project
    My role Design, coding (xHTML, CSS)

    Short description

    The goal was to make a fresh portfolio in 100% valid xHTML and CSS according to the w3 standards.

    For the design i experimented quite a lot with brushes, pictures, textures and a nice layout of the page and content. Coding it afterwards was a bit of a pain in the #ss, but the result is nice i think!

    Portfolio V2

    Client Personal / school project
    My role Design, coding (XML, XSLT)

    Short description

    For the subject XML i wanted to make my portfolio in XML. This worked out quite nice, but the XML base given to us at school had serious bugs and the project became impossible to update.

    Portfolio V3

    Client Personal
    My role Design

    Short description

    For my third portfolio i wanted to experiment more with Photoshop and photo editing. To do this i created a fantasy landscape using some stocks and a lot of my own photography.

    I've always loved the fantasy theme. Something about magic and castles just makes me dreamy. I enjoyed adding the different elements to this layout. Perhaps I'll even finish it someday ...


    Client Various
    My role Design, front-end development, SEO

    Short description

    In 2005 i started my first internship at Autodealers, a full-service web agency for automotive companies. I kinda stuck around until now.

    My role was different every project; design, SEO, front-end developing in XHTML, jQuery and CSS or helping the clients with whatever problem(s) they have.

    Approved by You

    Client Approved by You
    My role Design

    Short description

    Together with a classmate i worked on a webshop and a blog for Approved by You, a webshop selling various lifestyle items and clothing.

    I started with some black & white designs, but the client wanted something more clean and light. So clean and light it became!


    Client Taartenwinkel
    My role Design

    Short description

    Taartenwinkel is an online platform where people can order cakes & pies.

    I started out with some colourful designs, but they wanted something more clean and light. So said, so done!


    Client D2E
    My role Design / front-end

    Short description

    The young team of D2E wanted a portal to list down all the lesser known cities and the nightlife. They will offer al the must-visit places, clubs and parties.

    I made the design and later helped Dragoste owner Danny,. with the front-end of the website. This was our first full-scale, responsive website. Took months to complete, but with the enthusiasm of the D2E team, we managed it just fine!

    Online Scooter Service

    Client Online Scooter Service
    My role Design

    Short description

    Online Scooter Service is a webshop focussed on selling scooters, parts and service.

    The design had to be simple and easy to build within the webshop management system, so it could be up and running sooner rather than later.


    Client Frangipani
    My role Design

    Short description

    Frangipani is a daycare for babies and kids. The design had to be playful, but not overdone.

    I came up with the idea to use the logo (the baby) and add some flowers and grass. That turned out to be an instant approval!



    The art of capturing a scene, person or object

    & making an interesting image out of the ordinary.

    The beginning

    I started with my dads ancient Sony Cybershot but was never satisfied with the pictures. Somehow, they weren't intresting. I blamed the camera and figured I needed a better one. That's when bought my first dSLR, the Canon 350D. It didn't take long before I realized that taking good pictures isn't just about what gear you have, it requires a lot of effort from the person taking them as well.

    Tools of the trade

    Camera: Canon EOS 40D, Canon Powershot Pro G9

    Lenses: Canon 17-55 F/2.8 IS + Canon 55-250 F/4 IS

    Check out some of my albums

    You can temporarily find them here.


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